Truffle Recipe

Chef Antonio’s Black Truffle Recipe

Black Truffle Season

It only comes around once a year from November to January and for Chef Antonio and the Rinuccini team it is creating a lot of excitement in the kitchen.

Recipe for TrufflesThere are several varieties of truffles but our favourite is the black winter truffles, a rarity and one of the most exquisite ingredients available in early winter. This delicacy can only be grown naturally in the wild and is especially suited to the Italian climate.

We buy our truffles directly from the special ‘Cavatori’ (Truffle Hunters) in Italy and fly them back to Ireland within hours of being removed from the ground. Truffles are prized and expensive because they are only available for a few months of the year.

Chef Antonio would love to share one of his favourite truffle recipes with you, Spaghetti al Gorgonzola con Tartufo Fresco. Ribbons of pasta in a Gorgonzola cream with shavings of fresh black truffles that combine to make this gorgeous winter dish which is packed with strong flavours.


Serves 4


½ medium finely chopped onion

2 tablespoons of Ristorante Rinuccini Extra Virgin Olive Oil

125 grams of gorgonzola cut into cubes

100 millilitres of fresh cream

500 grams of fresh pasta

1 fresh black truffle


Gently fry a finely chopped onion in Ristorante Rinuccini olive oil over medium heat until soft.

Add the fresh cream to the pan

Stir in the cubes of gorgonzola

Simmer for 2 minutes on gentle heat and allow to thickened slightly

Add the fresh pasta to boiling, salted water and cook for 1-2 mins

Add pasta to pan, mix and serve

Grate fresh black truffle immediately before serving at the table

Truffles are difficult to find but there are several reputable online distributers and some artisan food halls throughout Ireland that carry them during the winter months. We hope you enjoy trying this recipe. If you would like to make more of Chef Antonio’s recipes try Tagliatelle with Almond & Rocket Pesto or his Spaghetti con Gamberoni with Kilmore Quay Prawns.

Buon appetito!