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Giovanni Battista Rinuccini – Our Italian Restaurant Namesake

Ristorante Rinuccini takes its name from Giovanni Battista Rinuccini a Florentine noble who spent four years living amongst the people of Kilkenny in the mid-seventeenth century. His father was Senator Camillo Rinuccini and his mother, Virginia di Pier Antonio Bandini, was the sister of Cardinal Ottavio. He was born in Rome and was a diligent scholar even during his very early years. He was educated by Jesuits in Rome then studied canon and civil law at the universities of Bolognia, Perugia and Pisa.

In the early 1600, Following a recommendation from his uncle Cardinal Bandini, Rinuccini was ordained as a priest and received a special dispensation to become Archbishop of Fermo in 1625. Despite Rinuccini’s lack of diplomatic experience, Pope Innocent X appointed him as Papal Nuncio to the Irish Confederation in March 1645.

Rinuccini was received with great pomp and ceremony at the Confederate capital of Kilkenny where he declared that his mission supported the rule of the monarchy but that his principal objective was to secure civil rights for the Irish people.

Rinuccini spent a four year term as Papal Nuncio in Kilkenny where he was held with great respect by the laity and clergy alike, for his refinement and patronage of the arts and fine food.

Rinuccini returned to Rome, where he wrote an extensive account of his time in Ireland, ‘The Commentarius Rinuccinanus’. His notes have been translated by Dr Billy Kelly with the Irish Manuscripts Commission. He wrote also a number of works, including books on philosophy, rhetoric, history and geography.

Rinuccini was reported to have coined the phrase ‘Tavola quattro chiacchiere gusto da tradizione Italiana’ while he was living in Kilkenny, which translates to ‘At the table conversation is an Italian tradition’. We try to deliver this sentiment with every meal and to live up to the Rinuccini name each day.

Experience our history and immerse yourself in the culture of Rinuccini’s by visiting our restaurant today or reserving a table for you and your friends.