This Summer, it’s all about Spumante

Not all sparkling wines are created equal and not all Italian sparkling wines are prosecco. This summer, try our Gavioli Talento Metodo Classico Brut Cuvée, a sparkling wine known as a spumante that offers immense quality for your money.

This sparkling wine is produced using the Metodo Classico. This does not refer to a particular type of wine. Rather it denotes the method used to create a certain type of sparkling wine. The Metodo Classico is the same as the Méthode Champenoise that is used to make Champagne. Unlike champagne, the Metodo Classico is not restricted to any one region and our spumante is produced in the Cantina Gavioli in the hills of Tuscana.

The Metodo Classico is considered to be the highest quality technique and sparkling wines made using the Metodo Classico are amongst the highest quality available and are often comparable to champagne.

While prosecco is a predictable choice when it comes to Italian sparkling wines, why not try a Spumante instead. And remember, when choosing a spumante, always look for the Metodo Classico label on the bottle; you will taste the difference.img_4057