Ristorante Extra Virgin Oilive Oil

Ristorante Rinuccini Launches Olive Oil

As part of our 25th anniversary celebrations, Chef Antonio wanted to mark this milestone year with something special for our customers. Something that customers could enjoy at home!

We are pleased to launch our own Ristorante Rinuccini Olive Oil, as featured in the Food File in The Irish Times.

Our bespoke extra-virgin olive oil was carefully hand-picked from one of the best artisan olive oil producers in Italy.  We’ve had so many requests from diners for the restaurant’s unique olive oil over the years that we approached our long-term suppliers, the Mancini estate to create our own Rinuccini Olive Oil for retail.

091A8152We have always combined the very best Italian products with local artisan ingredients when creating our menus. The olive oil from the Mancini estate has formed an integral part of our menu creating the perfect base flavours for all our dishes.

With its classic golden colour, enticing aromas of yellow apple and spice notes and a slightly peppery finish you can enjoy this delicious oil to cook with at home, drizzled over salads or simply to dip some crusty bread in to.

Rinuccini Olive Oil was pressed from Itrana olives picked by hand on the Mancini family estate in the town of Itri on the Italian Appian Way. The natural environment of the region’s unique soil, topography and climate contribute to the fine quality, characteristic taste and flavour of the olive oil. These lucky olive trees sit overlooking the Mediterranean Sea providing optimal growing conditions for the olives.

This fine single-estate olive oil, from a single olive variety, was produced using traditional artisanal methods during one of the worst harvests Italy has seen for decades. Fortunately the Mancini estate was not affected allowing us to offer our customers great value for this exquisite olive oil.091A8132

Ristorante Rinuccini’s Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil is available in a litre bottle (€9) and a half litre (€5) beautifully presented in Rinuccini’s signature dark green coloured glass. It is exclusively available from Ristorante Rinuccini, 1 The Parade, Kilkenny. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for some great recipes using Ristorante Rinuccini Extra-virgin Olive Oil.