Rinuccini’s Featured Wine for June

With an Irish heatwave on our hands, we had to choose a cool refreshing white for our featured wine for June. This month’s wine is our Sergavio Bianco I.G.T.  This beautifully made Chardonnay is produced in the Cantina Gavioli in the heart of Tuscany. It’s aged for seven months in new oak and has aromas of tropical fruit, vanilla and a broad well-defined palate, alternating creamy white chocolate with fresher citrus and banana-like sensations.

It truly is a jewel of its variety and perfect for warm summer lunch times and evenings.

Cantina Gavioli is situated a few kilometres from Chianciano in a panoramic location in the Tuscan hills. The Gavioli policy is both to make traditional wines and invent new, high quality ones using modern systems and techniques.

The vineyards extend from Monte Cetona to the nearby Val d’Orcia. The soil consists mostly of volcanic tufa, loose and structured. A very particular microclimate allows a more gradual ripening to take place and a better preservation of the fruity aromas of the wines.

Like all of our wines, this wine is carefully selected by us and imported directly from the vineyard.